Patient Reviews

I’ve been hearing impaired since I was 4 years old so I’ve been to many Doctors and Audiologists throughout my life. I didn’t know anything about Cosmetic Hearing Solutions but I booked an appointment for a hearing test here because it is close to my office. I expected the visit to be very routine and that we’d start the long drawn out process of figuring out my next pair of hearing aids. But that was not the case.

Dr. Gustina went above and beyond to take care of me. I was fitted with new hearing aids that day. The hearing test itself was quick and easy. He then took the time to talk me through the results so I understood my hearing loss and where I was struggling. I’ve never had an Audiologist be that thorough. We then went through my options for hearing aids and programmed a pair for me to try out. He made sure I was comfortable with them and understood exactly how they work. It’s so nice to get the attention and information I need.

I also appreciated that we were able to do this all at once instead of having to drag it out through multiple appointments. He wasn’t just trying to rotate patients in and out. He was giving me the quality care I needed.

I would highly recommend Cosmetic Hearing Solutions. I can’t say enough about how great of an experience I had with them.


I’ve been to Cosmetic Hearing Solutions twice and both times, Mark and his staff were courteous and knowledgeable. Mark is very informed on new hearing aid products and services and the hearing exam and ear mold procedure went smoothly. Mark was quick to explain the process and answered my questions thoroughly. Mark suggested new ear molds that made a world of difference. I’ve had hearing aids and exams over the last 10 years and I chose Mark as audiologist after moving to Virginia with no regrets. Also, his office was very quick to schedule my appointment and see me when my tubing cracked recently. I recommend them!

Lisa Hodges

Hearing can make such a difference. When you have some hearing loss, over time, you don’t know what you are NOT hearing. From the moment the new aids were in my ears, I could hear sounds I had forgotten even HAD sounds. The ReSound Linx961 are worth the cost and perform with my iPhone, allowing me to adjust the volume and settings in meetings, restaurants and other difficult to hear situations. I can even hear whispering now so don’t have to miss out on anything. These have made such a difference.

Ki Trelaine

I was referred to Cosmetic Hearing Solutions through a program offered by my insurance plan. I have wanted hearing aids for a long time, but didn’t realize how badly I needed them until my exam. I have had them now for a couple of months and it’s amazing what a difference they make. Markus was very thorough, explained my type of hearing loss and fit me with the aids that would work best for me. They have continued to follow up with me and are very responsive to questions I have. My quality of life has improved 100% and I am very happy that I found them. I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with hearing loss.

Dana Gardiner

The Doc is great and the hearing aids make a huge difference. Hearing loss, usually, is gradual, and you figure out ways to get along as you go. But wow, it’s amazing what I have been missing. The hearing aid is actually not noticeable unless you actually look for it (and who goes around peering into the inside of other people’s ears). The batteries are not expensive at all, I take them out before I go to sleep so I’m not wasting battery life. The only issue I had at first was in my right ear – which is much more heavily amplified – would produce static during heavy wind, but he was able to make an adjustment. All in all, I just wish I had done this years ago.

Scott Anderson

I purchased the latest and greatest from Cosmetic Hearing Solutions (ReSound Versa) and am in the early stages of getting used to hearing audio frequencies I haven’t heard in years. What I was astonished about is how accustomed I had become to not hearing well.

I wear my hearing aids all the time, except when I am sleeping. They are so comfortable I often forget they are in my ears. And they are next to invisible.

They require routine adjustment. There are three settings, one geared to normal use, one to restaurants, and one to music. I have found the second setting to be my favorite, because the other two are so accurate picking up ambient sounds that they can become a distraction. However, the more I wear them, the more natural the sounds become (e.g., the sound of crinkling paper).

Hearing aids are not cheap, but given what they accomplish in such a tiny package, I am not surprised. But at least in my case, hearing better simply makes life better. I no longer keep saying, “What?,” I find myself turning the TV down (imagine that), and I understand the ladies on Downton Abbey. I thought listening to symphonic music would be tinny sounding, but that isn’t the case.

Marc is a personable, responsive and attentive audiologist and his staff is also helpful and responsive.

William Semple

After loosing my hearing in my right ear at 16, I spent almost 11 years without hearing until Cosmetic Hearing Solutions gave me the opportunity that so many others said wouldn’t work. I’m thankful that I found their ad and went in for another ‘pointless hearing test’ that turned out to be miracle.

Katie Turner

Cosmetic Hearing Solutions is a welcome addition to Old Town. The office is conveniently located and Mark Gustina’s very professional expertise and advice helped me choose and fit a hearing aid which i have been very satisfied. Mark was very responsive when i came back after a few weeks and adjusted the devices to my specific requirements. Getting a hearing aid was something that i had been putting off for years and thanks to Mark i was able to make that decision. I would give Mark 5 Stars for his service, and my wife and friends would probably give him an extra 5 since they don’t have to repeat conversations to me as often now.
Jim, Dec 21, 2011