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Why to Visit an Audiologist for Ear Protection

Custom Earplugs

Your audiologist should be the source of all the help you need with your ears, hearing, and balance health. They are most commonly visited for the hearing examinations they can perform, but they can offer much more than that. Advice on hearing protection is one of them. So, why should you visit an audiologist when you need hearing protection rather than simply picking up a pair of plugs off the shelf?

Custom-fit ear protection is much more effective

The single best reason you want to see an audiologist about ear protection is that they offer products much better than those you can get off-the-shelf. Your average disposable earplug isn’t going to fit most ears very comfortably. While it may block noise, it can do it too well, leading to over-protection that leaves you feeling isolated and unable to hear anything at all. Custom earplugs aren’t just fitted to your ears, but to your needs as well. Molded using a cast of your ear, they seal up your hearing much more comfortably. But they can also be designed with specific filters that block out the noise you’re most at risk from while allowing you to hear other sounds. If you work in a high-volume environment but you still need to be able to hear when people are talking to you, for instance, custom-made ear protection can allow for it while disposable plugs will block it off.

Get advice as well as the tools you need

Beyond helping you find the right custom ear protection, an audiologist can offer expert advice on other ways to reduce your exposure to loud noise throughout the day. Depending on the lifestyle you lead and the environments you live and work in, they could find more ways to tackle the source of the noise directly. For instance, if you have trouble sleeping due to environmental noise, a white noise machine could be effective helping you to nod off. Audiologists know everything there is to know about hearing health, so they can offer more information for those willing to educate themselves.

They can help you find the root of your problems

Hearing protection is only effective if you take a look at whether your hearing health is getting worse or not. Beyond fitting you with custom earplugs, you should let the audiologist give you a more thorough examination. If you have hearing loss, for instance, it might not necessarily be caused by noise alone. There may be inflammation, an infection, or an earwax buildup as the root cause of your issues. What’s more, ongoing examinations can take a closer look at whether your current ear protection is working or whether you might need a different kind.

Beyond helping you find the most effective tools to protect your hearing, your audiologist can help inform you, too. You can find more ways to protect your hearing, get a clearer look at whether you’re suffering any hearing loss, and walk away with much better protection than you would find on the shelf.