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How Can an Audiologist Help You with Ear Protection?


Ear protection is very important for each and every person. Ear protection is worn to help preserve your hearing by ensuring it is not damaged by exposure to noise; whether it is a short burst or long exposure. If you’re unsure what ear protection is right for you, consider making an appointment with your audiologist. So how can your audiologist help you with ear protection? Why see your audiologist for ear protection?

Provide counseling

First of all your audiologist is very important to your hearing health. He or she can monitor your hearing over time to note any changes in your hearing and help you find solutions to your hearing problems when they present themselves. Audiologists are also great counselors and have a wealth of information to share with you regarding your ears and hearing, whether specifically or generally. They can help to determine what type of ear protection you may require and give you different options that will benefit you, your needs and your lifestyle.

Custom ear protection

They can also help to get you your ear protection by taking custom earmold impressions and having custom ear protection made for you by a special ear protection manufacturer. Your audiologist will help you to learn how to use your ear protection; they will teach you how to properly insert and remove your custom earmolds, how to properly care for, clean and maintain your earmolds and when to use your custom earmolds to help protect your hearing. As you can see your audiologist is a very important person to go to when it comes to custom ear protection.

Monitor your hearing

Through the use of custom ear protection your audiologist will be able to monitor how it is helping your hearing over time. If you wear your hearing protection at the times when noise exposure is present and do this faithfully each and every time you are exposed, your audiologist will be able to note that over time your hearing should not change more than naturally occurs with age, because you are protecting those tiny hairs inside the cochlea in your inner ear. By protecting your hearing through the use of custom ear protection you are protecting the longevity of your normal hearing ears from the damaging effects of noise exposure.