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5 Facts About Hearing Loss

Man with Hearing Loss

Most people know at least one person that suffers from hearing loss, but the majority of the population know very little about the common health problem. Frankly, a little knowledge on the subject can go a long way. Whether it’s used to support others or support yourself, it’s certainly worth learning a little more.

You needn’t delve deep into the subject to learn some precious information. Here are five simple facts that should change the way you feel about hearing loss, as well as your approach to dealing with it.

The third biggest health problem in America

While most people associate hearing loss with senior citizens, one in five Americans suffers from hearing loss. Meanwhile, it is believed that this figure rings true for the teenage demographic too. It can hit anyone of any age or background, and around 50 million U.S citizens are in the club. The statistics make for quite scary reading, but the diagnosis and treatment options are thankfully far better than ever.

Links to other health problems

Hearing loss is a big enough problem in itself. However, it can be directly linked to a host of other health problems. Dementia rates increase 500% among those with hearing loss due to the lack of social activity and the added strain that it puts on the brain. Naturally, depression and anxiety are also far more likely to surface as a result of hearing loss. If that doesn't inspire you to see an audiologist on a regular basis, what will?

Age isn’t the number one source

In fact, noise exposure is the number one source. It can be a simple case of wear and tear over the years, which is partially linked to age. Nonetheless, working in loud environments or listening to loud music without the right defense wear can cause significant problems. From harming the hair cells to encouraging tinnitus, regular loud noises can take their toll at any stage. Sadly, this is one aspect of hearing health that many fail to acknowledge.

Nutrition impacts your hearing

It may sound strange, but it shouldn’t. Nutrition plays a crucial role in many aspects of our lives, and hearing is just one of them. Studies show that bananas, broccoli and salmon are all great foods for fighting back against hearing loss. While increasing the consumption levels of those foods won’t suddenly stop you from needing to wear hearing aids or take precautions against further damage, there’s no doubt that every step in the right direction is a step that’s worth taking.

Most people leave their problems untreated

The average person fails to give their hearing loss the attention it deserves for up to seven years. While it might not be too late to get treated and restore a sense of normality, this stat is crazy. Not only does it increase the chances of the problem becoming untreatable but it also means that seven years are spent needlessly suffering. An audiologist can only help if they are actively allowed too. Do not forget it!