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What are the Benefits of Custom Earplugs?

Woman with Earplugs

Exposure to loud noises is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. As such, we should try and protect our ears by using things that can stifle loud sounds and prevent damage to the inner ear. Earplugs are the most common thing to use with regards to ear protection, but it’s crucial that you have them custom made.

Why? Well, there are many benefits of custom earplugs compared to regular ones you buy off the shelf:

Much better fit

If you buy your ear protection online or from a store, then you will get them in specific sizes. These are usually just small, medium, or large. Consequently, it’s rare that you’ll find a pair that fit your ear perfectly. With custom earplugs, your audiologist can create molds of your ears which they then use to make the earplugs. As a result, you end up with ones that are designed to fit your ears. This means they’re more comfortable, but also more effective as there will be no gaps for sound to leak through.

Far more durable

Another benefit of custom earplugs is that they’re a lot more durable than regular ones. Again, this is somewhat down to the fact they’re made to fit your ears. With other earplugs, you may have to spend time trying to force them in or move them around until you get the desired feeling. This can result in wear and tear, which means they need replacing quickly. Also, many are merely designed to be worn a set number of times before they have to be thrown away. Custom ones can last for much longer!

Effective ear protection

The whole reason to use earplugs is to help protect your ear in various situations. Most people use them to protect against loud noises, and custom earplugs will do this much better than standard ones. They’re designed using better materials, but it’s all to do with the fit once again. They insert in your ear and completely prevent anything from entering the canal. This means they’re not only effective at blocking out sound, but can also be used to prevent water from entering your ears when swimming. So, if you want the best ear protection around, then custom is the way forward.

More cost-effective

If you compare the cost of buying standard earplugs against getting custom ones, then it seems like you’re better off just buying them from a store. However, you have to take into account the lifetime cost of ownership. An audiologist will make your custom earplugs, and you’ll have them for years on end. Therefore, you only make one payment every few years. With standard ones, you have to keep paying for replacements after a few weeks or months. This soon adds up and means that custom ones are far more cost-effective over time.

Speak to your audiologist if you think you need custom ear protection. Anyone can get custom earplugs, but they’re particularly useful if you’re frequently around loud noises. This makes them ideal for musicians, people working on construction sites and people living in noisy areas.