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How Will the Audiologist Help With Hearing Aids?

Doctor with Hearing Aid Selection

Hearing loss is not something that anyone wants to experience, but when you may be nervous about booking your first hearing test. Not knowing what to expect during the appointment is the usual reason that people don’t book themselves a test; the unknown is scary. Thankfully, we can check out any information that we want to nowadays, which means that we can learn all about what goes on during a hearing test before we brave calling the audiologist.

If you’ve never had a hearing test before, it’s normal to be curious about what an audiologist will do while you’re there. Your audiologist can also provide you with hearing aids that work for your particular hearing condition. They can walk you through which hearing aid is best for you and how to use it after you have gone through an audiology appointment to determine which hearing aid you need. Most hearing tests are very straightforward, don’t take too long and they are accompanied by a smiling audiologist who is willing and able to answer questions that you need to ask. Here is what happens during an appointment with your audiologist and how they can help you with your hearing aids.

Questions and answers

Your audiologist cannot perform any checks without an accurate medical history and discussion about your lifestyle. There is going to be a difference in the hearing between someone who spends most of their time on a building site compared to someone who spends time in an office. Your lifestyle is a very important factor, so make sure that you are honest and open with your answers.

Taking you through the test

The next step after learning about your lifestyle is explaining what is about to occur. No professional audiologist is going to start a hearing test without informing you of the steps to be taken. There are a variety of hearing tests that will need to be undertaken. These can include tone testing, speech tests and even auditory brainstem response testing. Your audiologist will decide which tests are right depending on the medical and lifestyle conversation that you head earlier.

Hearing aid help

Today’s hearing aids aren’t anything like the contraptions of the past. There are different ways to wear them, from the inside to the outside of the ear, and there are different technologies available, as well. An audiologist will fit you with hearing aids that are compatible with your ear and your hearing level. The way sound is perceived is what will determine the settings of your hearing aid, and this is exactly what your audiologist is there to do for you.

If, at any point post-treatment, you need your hearing aid settings remastered, you need to book an appointment with your audiologist. Never wait around for the next appointment, you will only be hurting yourself waiting. Hearing changes over time, but your audiologist can be there for you to keep your hearing supported as you go through life.